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The Ultimate guide to Bohemian Decor

The world has seen a plethora of art movements that have revolutionised the way art has been perceived and appreciated. There are artists who abide by the rules and conventions of these art movements and then are some who stray away from these rules and let their creative spirit run wild and free. The art created by them is often a riot of colours and inspired by the cultures, traditions, and history of countries and societies across the world. They appeal to modern sensibilities and resonate with people who also do not fit into society’s boxes. Bohemian or boho style of art and décor is a living testament to this principle.

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Originating from the French phrase ‘La Boheme’, this style is often associated with gypsies who paid no attention to societal rules and had their own means of doing things, ranging from lifestyle practices to clothing and art. In more recent times, the word ‘bohemian’ is being associated more with artists in the 19th century, who also created art as they saw fit. This idea has been translated into a tangible style in the form of clothes, art, and interior décor.

When Boho style is incorporated into homes, they are often in earthy shades like purples, browns, fiery orange, electric blue, and sombre greys. A unique characteristic of this style of décor is the multitudes of layers, textures, and patterns that can be used in a single space. Artistic elements from across the globe are borrowed from to create a look that has never been created before. Spaces styled according to bohemian sensibilities create an aura of being carefree and relaxed while using bright colours and bold patterns in an array of textures.

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While picking colours for your interiors, it is important to have the right ratio of earthy shades. In addition to the previously mentioned colours, teal and metallic colours are a common occurrence. Boho style interiors leave little or no space for cooler colours like white. Layering is another important characteristic of boho interior décor, and you can always experiment with multiple layers like throw pillows and cushions on couches, hanging tapestries on walls and so on. Floral patterns are a significant part of boho décor and can be incorporated into a variety of things in the room ranging from wall hangings, furniture, and soft furnishing.

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Bohemian interior décor looks even more charming when they sport a vintage or a worn-out look because they add to the myriad of stories that each of them narrates. It is advisable to shop for your furniture and other items of décor from second-hand shops. If you want new furnishing for your home but also want it to be bohemian, you can always buy customised products from artists and furniture makers who create vintage looks that are just as good as older products.

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Apart from furniture and tapestries, small accessories can also be added to the room for a more vibrant appearance. They can be in the form of old maps, vintage bottles with scrolls, intricately carved boxes, wooden swings and so on. These accessories can also be glamorous products like vintage chandeliers, gold plated mirrors among other things. Since this style reflects the lifestyle of nomads who travelled often and collected a wide range of things, your space needs to be an extension of that idea. However, it is important to ensure that the accessories are from different cultures because the boho style is a celebration of art that transcends geographical boundaries.

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Appreciating the cultural plurality of the art world is one of the key ideas that bohemian décor was based on. Boho styled interiors offer the luxury of bringing a myriad of artistic traditions and cultures to the comforts of your personal space and that is a deal too tempting to refuse!

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