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Gone are the days of painting your room’s walls in your favourite colours and hanging a few store-bought paintings by obscure artists in your living room and completing your decoration/re-decoration endeavours. As more people are moving to urban and suburban areas to live in modern homes, their ideas of décor have widened. Young homeowners are experimental in terms of their interior spaces and are looking for products which can be tailor-made to their preferences, adding a personal. Once considered a rarity in the décor industry, interior graphics are beginning to become a household name for all the right reasons.

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I am an interior graphic designer. Relatively a new term, what I do is often confused with the work of interior designers. I create art for interior spaces and my work includes understanding the spaces I am designing for, developing a mood board, and multiple design drafts before finally designing and printing the graphics. All my work is customised to the smallest detail. In fact, some of my work is hand-drawn from scratch before it is digitalised and turned into suitable art for home and/or office spaces. When projects are customised, it requires my undivided attention to the clients’ wishes and strike a balance between what the latter want and what works best in the space allotted for the art.

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Bespoke wallpapers, statement pieces for walls and furniture, murals, and soft furnishing for residential and commercial spaces are some of the areas that I specialise in. Customised interior graphics add a personal touch to your space that no store-bought décor product can provide. Designs created from my studio are versatile and can be translated onto various materials, lending itself to the creation of a theme for the entire house. Tastefully designed graphics that have been customised add to the personalisation of your home and/or office because they have been created for that exact space and no other art in the world would resemble it.

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There is no dearth of inspiration in the world around us. My love for travelling, history, cultures of India and other countries, architecture, and fabrics of the world are reflected in my art. The subjects of my art are diverse and range from intricate motifs inspired by Mughal paintings to the reimagination of Indian indigenous art. Histories have a plethora of stories that can be retold through art I believe my work does the same. There is always extensive research from my side to finalise the subject of my art and it results in immense learning, almost every day.

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Homes are often the place where one can be themselves without any inhibitions because this place offers solace from the outside world. Any art that embellishes this space must mirror your ideas and values and this is possible through designs and motifs that are created specifically for you, including the smallest detail. Such art reminds you of who you are and why you need to carry on, especially in trying times like this. And such art is created by interior graphic designers.

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"Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it." -Salvador Dali