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The most important milestone in any artist’s life is finding their inner voice. For Ankita Arya, it was a journey spanning across two continents and a decade of self-learning & discovery. Honing her creative skills, Ankita developed a fascination for a strong colour palette and a keen amalgamation of traditional & contemporary designs. The allure of graphics, patterns and interiors that mesmerised her since a young age, soon blossomed into a craft with a distinctive style. Her foray into the world of interior styling, focussed on developing an individual graphic language. Ankita has cultivated a distinctive personal style with a flair for stories, often expressed through a self-refined design process. Her love for Travel, Indian Art, History and Textile comes alive in her visual language, and flows into her sense of colour and composition. Ankita’s work has shown incredible promise, transcending effortlessly to various materials such as Paper, Wood, Fabric, Ceramic Tiles and Glass.

  • College of Art, New Delhi (Applied Arts)

  • Birmingham Institute of Art and Design,  United Kingdom (Interior Product Design)

Work Experience

  • Happily Unmarried, New Delhi 

  • The Palace Collection by Adil Ahmad, New Delhi

  • Lee Broom, London

  • Multiple independent projects in residential and commercial spaces

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