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Wallpaper vs Wall Mural – Everything you need to know before decorating

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

It is safe to say that painting your room in a single colour has gone out of fashion.

Decorating different rooms in a house or an office has taken on a new avatar in the form of murals, wallpapers and other furnishings. While most people use the term ‘murals’ and ‘wallpapers’ interchangeably, they have very different meanings. Before you deicide on an aesthetic decoration for your room, it is significant to understand the differences between them.

The first and the most significant difference between a mural and a wallpaper is that the mural occupies only one feature wall in a room while it is common to have wallpapers designed for all the walls in the room or even the ceiling, sometimes.

While both wallpapers and murals add more vibrancy and life to your rooms, wallpapers generally follow a motif or a pattern, while murals are often a single image that covers the entire surface it features on. Mass manufactured wallpapers often come in roles and there is little room for specialisation while murals can be customised exactly as the client wants.

A mural is often directly painted on the surface while wallpapers are made first before being pasted to the walls, which means that the texture of the wallpapers can also be decided but the same cannot be done for murals. If you change your mind about a certain wall mural, removing or repainting the same space is comparatively easier than wallpapers, because the latter is pasted to the wall using strong adhesives.

One common criticism against wallpapers is that they are mass manufactured and cannot be customised according to your tastes.

However, there are artists and designers who work closely with clients to make customised wallpaper based on their preferences so that it is also a form of personal expression like murals.

These artists often collaborate with interior designers and architects to create the right kind of wallpaper that would suit the space of the room. Whether you decide on a wallpaper or a mural, it is important to understand the space that these artworks are going to be featured and consult experts. It is evident that art is the best form of self-expression and there is no better way to express your ideas and desires to the world than a well-designed mural or wallpaper. Happy decorating!

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