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The Glorious Marriage of Art and History

Art has always been considered as a reflection of the time we live in. The aesthetics revolve around what the society as a whole consider beautiful and trends keep changing when they are saturated and people want something new. No matter how prevalent the need for newer aesthetics is, artists have always looked back to history and art movements of the yesteryear to seek inspiration. Doing so not only revives art trends that have been forgotten but makes them timeless and creates a sense of nostalgia for the bygone times.

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In a country like India, where multiple emperors have ruled, each regime left behind its imprints in the form of art and architecture. The Mughal Empire was, for instance, known for their dome shaped buildings and intricate floral and geometric patterns while the colonial rule brought about more subtly designed buildings with a minimalist charm of their own. Every region in India comes with its unique set of art and architecture – ranging from exquisitely designed palaces in the northern part of the country to colourful, intricate carvings of temples in the south, providing ample inspiration for artists. While recreating pieces of art from history, artists can take inspiration from colour palettes, motifs, the palaces themselves and paintings from the past to fit the contemporary sense of style.

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Historical events can also be a source of inspiration for artists. Mughal paintings from the yesteryear documented various events ranging from extravagant marriages to simple portraits of various members of the royal family. Such paintings can be re-imagined in the contemporary space and hung as a framed painting for your wall, making your home richer. Another often forgotten source of endless artistic inspiration is intricately designed and woven tapestries of the past. Though similar tapestries are being produced today, Persian carpets, for instance, back in the day were designed with expert craftsmen and were a sought after possession worldwide. The intricate patterns present in those carpets are still popular among art lovers and can be revived in the form of wallpapers, soft furnishing and so on.

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When artists are taking inspiration from history, they need to be wary because the spirit of the original work must be kept intact. A slice of history finds a home in your spaces when artists create art inspired by the events of the past. The artwork will stand as a testament for the merging of two eras to keep the past alive and pass on the rich heritage of our country to future generations.

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