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Known for its courage, strength and the ability to transform anger into wisdom, the Tiger is a significant part of Tibetan Buddhist culture. Tigers have been held in high esteem in Tibet and this is exhibited through their popular rugs. Inspired by the Tibetan art and the ancient rugs, this series of wallpaper is designed for The Palace Collection by Adil Ahmad. It adds a bold yet serene charm to an interior space. The century old motifs are artfully translated into luxury wallpapers and decorative products with a bold colour palette and an appeal to the modern aesthetic sense. However, the essence of the original motifs and patterns have been kept intact, keeping in mind the authentic spirit of the tiger rugs.

At the Design ID 2017, New Delhi this versatile design translated into various lifestyle products including wallpapers, cushions and lampshades.

Tiger MB.jpg

Mood board: The Tibetan rugs served as an inspiration to design the colour palette, motifs and patterns forms dramatic patterns of the wallpaper story.

A dark background complements the light yet bold tiger motifs. Different shapes and motifs are used to add allure to the design.

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