Shajarat Alhaya

Gifted with a melodious voice, the nightingale has been viewed as nature’s finest poetry and a symbol of undying romance. Paired with the mythical Tree of Life; often referred to as Shajarat Alhaya in Arabic, this series of luxury wallpapers tend to create a sense of longing for a paradise where one can indulge in the finest pleasures known to mankind. Designed for The Palace Collection by Adil Ahmad the story is inspired by the ancient Isfahani carpets that from the Ahmadi Workshop, which were once the pride of the Persian Empire. The carpets themselves had the works of poets like Rumi, Hafez and Attar as their muse and it is no doubt that these wallpapers are visual poetry. Layered with intricate details and a rich colour palette, this luxurious series will definitely lighten up any room.

At Luxury Lifestyle Week 2019, Mumbai this versatile design is functional on walls and cushions, giving the space a paradisiacal charm

Mood board: Inspired by the Isfahani carpets, the colour palette, motifs and patterns were sketched before the wallpaper was ideated.

A vibrant Madder palette and designed with floral motif, the patterns are home to the famed Tree of Life and nightingales on the branches.

"Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it." -Salvador Dali