Garden of Gold

The elegance of vintage floral pattern is timeless. Chintz is one such pattern which was developed in India but popularised in the Europe by the British Raj. The detailed story is designed for The Palace Collection by Adil Ahmad. Inspired from the hand knotted rugs with chintz patterns, this wallpaper series is a modern take of a colonial-era art that stood the test of time. Hand drawn and embellished with a warm colour palette, this wallpaper will make one nostalgic for the bygone days of simpler times and autumnal pleasures. The floral motifs; the central theme of the wallpaper stands out on the dark background highlighting the softer lines in these motifs. This artwork reminds one of the diverse artisanal culture of India and its subsequent adaptation in the West, now translated to fit contemporary tastes will elevate the aesthetic sense of any interior space.

This design is functional on walls and soft furnishings because of its adaptability to different surfaces.

Mood board: The colour palette, patterns and motifs were inspired from the vintage chintz patterns in hand knotted rugs.

Hand drawn floral motifs with a warm colour palette against a dark background makes the pattern rich and bold.

"Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it." -Salvador Dali