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Elephant: The noble beast; gentle in its movements, has been the subject of many artistic endeavours throughout history. Artists were enamoured by the regal stature of the elephant, which explained it being the muse for many paintings and murals. Inspired by the intricacy of Mughal paintings and motifs, this collection of luxury wallpapers, soft furnishings and products is designed for The Palace Collection by Adil Ahmad. The story is a marriage of contemporary design and romantic Mughal history. Centered around the invincible the mighty elephant, this artwork strikes a balance by embellishing it with soft floral patterns, popular during the Mughal period, in autumnal colours. Elegant and sophisticated, these products can bring to life a small piece of history in your interior space.

At the Luxury Lifestyle Week 2018, Mumbai. The versatility of this design ensures that it blends into the interior space, adding a royal charm to your room.  

Elephant MB.jpg

Mood board: Witness the journey, layouts and drawings of the wallpaper through the eyes of the artist in the form of a mood board.

The pattern consists of miniature elephants enveloped in vintage cartouche surrounded by floral motifs.

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